Parents and Carers

Message from the Principal

Learners come to us for a variety of reasons - to progress to higher education, to improve their job prospects or to get back into education after a long break. Whether your child’s goal is to achieve a passport to further studies or develop skills for work and a career, we are committed to meeting his or her individual needs and ensuring success.

As a parent or carer you will want your child’s time at College to be both enjoyable and successful. This can be an exciting time but it could also be an apprehensive time for both of you.

We want you to be involved in your son or daughter’s studies. It is important that you are informed in a position to support them at this critical stage in their life.

Within Henley College Coventry there are a host of educational facilities and support services to help young people achieve their goals. Learners at Henley College Coventry have access to a comprehensive and professional range of information, advice and guidance. In addition, our staff have rightly earned a reputation for their subject knowledge, teaching expertise and respect for all learners.

I hope that by working together we can make it much easier for your son or daughter to enjoy the challenges of College life and be successful.

Ray Goy - Principal

Guide for Parents and Carers